ARTH 301
(DTCH 330)
Instructor: Professor Silver
T 1:30-4:30

Course Description

This course aims to be an introduction and analysis of one of history's greatest artists as well as a course in the methods and historiography of art history though the questions that have been addressed to Rembrandt's works. We shall consider his use of the separate media of painting, drawing, and etching as well as the value and limitations of biographical and documentary explanations for a career. We shall consider individual works in depth and over time as well as how Rembrandt worked in different periods or on different types of art (e.g. landscapes) over the span of his career. Each student will pursue a semester-long research topic and will present the results of her findings to the seminar at the end of term.

No specific prerequisites, but permission required. Art history majors or experienced students in Art History given preference for admission.

Evaluation based on term paper research and presentation as well as class discussion.

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