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Introduction The ancient and medieval city

The Renaissance and Baroque ideal city

Philadelphia: The Green Country Town

Philadelphia: The first capital

Philadelphia: The age of Furness

Philadelphia: Suburban tales

London: 17th and 18th centuries

London: John Nash

London: Victoria's Capital

London: Commerce and Transportation

London: Urban and suburban homes

London: The Garden City

St. Petersburg: Founding

St. Petersburg: Baroque and neoclassical

St. Petersburg: 19th-century patterns

Paris: 17th century

Paris: 18th century and C.-N. Ledoux

Paris: Revolution and Empire

Paris: Restoration and July Monarchy

Paris: Second Empire

Washington: Politics and Planning

Washington: The Capitol and White House

Washington: 19th-century growth

The City Beautiful

Vienna: The Ringstrasse

Vienna: Otto Wagner and Camillo Sitte

Vienna: Freudian themes

Boston: Beginnings, Bulfinch, and Beacon Hill

Boston: Greek Granite

Boston: Back Bay

Boston: H. H. Richardson

Boston: The Emerald Necklace

Lecture 34 Lecture 35


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