ARTH 220
Greek Art and Architecture
Instructor: Professor Kuttner
TR 10:30-12

Course Description

This course surveys Greek art and architecture, from Sicily to the Black Sea, between the 10th and 2nd centuries BCE (Dark Age to Hellenistic). For Greek city-states and kingdoms, their civic, religious, and domestic buildings and spaces were intimately connected with images large and small. These range from public sculpture and painting on and around grand buildings and gardens, to domestic luxury arts like jewelry, cups and vases, mosaic floors. Art and architecture addressed heroic epic, religious and political themes, and also every-day life and emotions. Current themes include Greek ways of discussing and looking at art and space, and their ideas of invention and progress; the role of monuments, makers and patrons in Greek society; and connections with the other cultures who inspired and made use of Greek artists and styles. The course will exploit the University Museum, and regional museums where possible.

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