ARTH 103/ AMES 097
Professor: Steinhardt


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Introduction to East Asia and Its Civilizations Neolithic China and Japan Anyang and Sanxingdui Animal Style Art

Recitation: Chinese Bronzes

Tombs of the First Emperors of China and Japan

Grand Shrines at Ise

Recitation: Early East Asian Funerary Art

Mawangdui, Prince Liu Sheng Tomb, and Tombs in Luoyang

Sarcophaguses of the Seven Sages, Filial Piety, and Guyuan

Recitation: Tomb Figurines

Tombs of the Koguryo Kingdom

Yungang and Longmen

Recitation: Buddhist Sculpture in the University Museum


Xinjiang Mummies, Silk Road Oases, and Dunhuang

Tang Chang'an and the Heijo Capital at Nara

Todai-ji and the Shoso-in

Tomb and Court Painters of the Tang and Nara Capitals

Recitation: Tang and Liao Ceramics

Sokkuram, To-ji, and Japanese Esoteric Sculpture

The Byodo-in and the Tale of Genji

Recitation: East Asian Painting I

Japanese E-makimono and Song Painting

Chinese Art under Mongolian Rule

Recitation: East Asian Painting II

Japanese Art under Military Rule

Pavilions of Silver and Gold; Gardens of Moss and Rocks

Recitation: How to Read and Draw a Site Plan

Ming-Qing Beijing

Japanese Castles and Their Decoration

Recitation: Japanese Screen Painting

Painters and Gardens in Ming Suzhou

Katsura & Nikko Japanese Prints


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