ARTH 104

Intro to Art in South Asia
Professor: Meister
Lecture 9

1. (Shunga), Stupa 1 at Sanchi, East Gate, north pillar, south face, detail, visit to Kapilavastu. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
2. Magadha City Gate, Kushinagara, Drawing after relief on Great Stupa, S. Gate, Sanchi, Kusinagara.
3. (Kushan), One-faced Linga (Ekamukhalinga), On altar under a Pipal tree with two Ganas.
4. (Kushan, Mathura). Ekamukhalinga Siva, front.
5. (Kushan) Oxus Treasure, roundel w/ three figures riding elephant to right.
6. (Gupta) Plate w/ Figures.
7. (Gupta Surya), Lintel from Garhwa.
8. (Gupta) Lintel Fragment from Garhwa, detail, worship procession.
9. Cave No. 4, exterior facade, angle view, Udayagiri, Bhopal.
10. (Gupta), Udayagiri, General view overlooking caves.
11. Cave No. 4, Ekha-Mukalinga, front right side, Udayagiri, Bhopal.
12. Cave No.4, exterior doorway, Udayagiri, Bhopal.
13. (Gupta), Cave 11, Vishnu on Ananta, Udayagiri, Bhopal.
14. Cave No.6, exterior, close-up, lower portion, Udayagiri, Bhopal.
15. Cave No.5, Varaha Relief, full view, angle, Udayagiri, Bhopal.
16. Cave No.5, Varaha Relief, Samudram, Udayagiri.
17. (Gupta) Temple 17, exterior, view from N.E.
18. Mahabodhi Temple, Bodh Gaya Temple Vajrasana, altar placed where buddha meditated, Bodh Gaya.
19. (Gupta), Dhamekh Stupa, Deer Park with Stupa in Distance, Sarnath.
20. (Gupta), Dhamekh Stupa, bands of carved frieze on drum, Sarnath.
21. (Gupta-Vakataka), Standing Buddha from Mathura - Rashtrapati Bhavan, front.
22. (Gupta-Vakataka), Standing Buddha from Mathura - Rashtrapati Bhavan, detail of head.
23. Parvati Temple, exterior, Temple Bass Rock Motif, Nachna.
24. (Gupta), Seated Buddha in Dharmacakra Mudra, whole, front.
25. (Gupta), Standing Buddha from Mathura, front.
26. Big Buddha Niche, exterior, view of full figure.
27. Parvati Temple, exterior, Shrine Doorway, Nachna.
28. Parvati Temple, exterior, Temple Bass Rock Motif, Nachna.
29. Parvati Temple, Shrine Doorway, Right Jamb Base: Dvarapala and Yamuna, Nachna.
30. (Gupta), Vishnu Temple, exterior, From south west, Deogarh.
31. (Gupta), Vishnu Temple , North Wall, Gajendra Moksha, panel, whole, Deogarh.
32. (Gupta), Vishnu Temple, East Wall, Nara & Narayana, Deogarh.
33. (Gupta) Vishnu Temple, South Wall, Vishnu Narayana, Deogarh.
34. (Changunarayan) Temple, Visvarupa Vishnu, Nepal.
35. (Changunarayan), Temple, Visvarupa Vishnu, Nepal.
36. (Changunarayan), Temple, Visvarupa Vishnu, detail, Nepal.
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