ARTH 104

Intro to Art in South Asia
Professor: Meister
Lecture 8

1. (Sunga), Karli Chaitya Hall, exterior, general view with new temple.
2. (Sunga), Karli Chaitya Hall, exterior, porch, panel right of main door, left couple.
3. Map of Physical Geography of Indian Subcontinent, whole.
4. (Kushan) Sanctuary of Kanishka, exterior, general view from east.
5. (Kushan), Sanctuary of Kanishka, Lower body of Kanishka.
6. (Kushan), Kanishka Sanctuary, Torso - Kabul Museum.
7. (Gandhara), AU of Kanishka, Obv: king pouring offering of corn; obv: Buddha; obv: w/tutelary divinity holding cornucopia.
8. (Kushan), AU dinar of Vasu Deva I, Rev: Siva standing facing rt w/trident & diadem, Nandi bull. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
9. (Kushan, Gandhara), Buddha Life:Introduction of Yasodhara (his fiancee) to Siddharta, Relief from Takht-i-Bahi.
10. (Kushan, Gandhara), Relief with armed devotees in Kushan dress.
11. (Afghanistan), Hermaic Pillar from Gymnasium, Lower Town, Ai Khanum, detail of head.
12. (Afghanistan), Hermaic Pillar from Gymnasium, Lower Town, Ai Khanum, pillar.
13. (Kushan, Gandhara), Buddha Life: Queen Maya's Dream, Relief from Dado of Votive Stupa.
14. (Kushan, Gandhara), Buddha Life, Birth Panel, relief panel.
15. (Kushan, Gandhara), Buddha Life: Enlightenment Panel, relief panel.
16. (Kushan, Gandhara), Buddha Preaching, from Loriyan Tangai, whole, front.
17. (Kushan, Gandhara), Buddha Emaciated by Fasting, from Sikri, whole.
18. (Kushan, Gandhara), Buddha emaciated by Fasting from Sikri, detail.
19. (Kushan, Mathura), Bodhisattva of Friar Bala, from Sarnath, whole, front right.
20. (Kushan, Mathura), Bodhisattva of Friar Bala, from Sarnath, whole, front.
21. (Kushan, Mathura), Bodhisattva of Friar Bala, from Sarnath, detail, upper part, front left.
22. (Maurya), Kubera Yaksha, Besnagar, Vidisha Dist, full view angle.
23. (Kushan, Mathura), Seated Buddha on Lion Throne from Katra, detail of head.
24. (Kushan-Mathura), Seated Buddha from Katra, whole, front, on Lion Throne.
25. (Kushan, Mathura), Naga Queen with 5 Energies, front.
26. (Kushan, Mathura), Naga Queen with 5 Energies, back, Ashoka Tree with Squirrel.
27. (Kushan, Mathura), Porrtrait statue of King Vima Kadphises, whole, front right.
28. (Kushan, Mathura), Head of a Kushan King wearing tall felt cap, whole, front right.
29. (Kushan, Mathura), Naga of Chargaon, whole, front.
30. (Kushan, Kathura), Kubera from Ahicchatra, whole front.
31. (Kushan), AU dinar of Vasishka, Obv: king standing, w/conical cap, long overcoat and boots, sword, sacrificing, nimbate. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
32. (Kushan-Mathura), Headless statue of Kanishka, whole, front.
33. (Kushan, Mathura), Headless statue of Kanishka, detail, left foot.
34. (Kushan, Mathura), Headless statue of Kanishka, detail, belt, skirt.
35. (Kushan, Mathura), Yakshi Rail Pillar, Jain Stupa, Bhutessar, whole, front.
36. (Kushan, Mathura), Yakshi Bathing, Rail Pillar, whole, front.
37. (Kushan, Mathura), Railing Pillar, Obverse.
38. (Kushan, Mathura), Railing Pillar, Reverse.
39. Bharhut Stupa, Yaksha Kubera, detail.
40. (Kushan, Gandhara), Head of Buddha, whole, front.
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