ARTH 104

Intro to Art in South Asia
Professor: Meister
Lecture 5

1. (Maurya) Asoka Column, Sarnath, Drawing of Original Proportions.
2. Sanchi Stupa 2, exterior, view from the East.
3. Sanchi Stupa 1, Reconstruction of Stupas and Monasteries.
4. Sanchi Hill, general view of Stupa 1, Temple 18.
5. (Maurya) Lomas Rishi Cave, Barabar Hills, Sketch of Work Areas: Perspective Areas of Slippage.
6. (Maurya) Sudama and Lomas Rishi Caves, Barabar Hills, general view.
7. (Maurya) Lomas Rishi Cave, Barabar Hills, interior, "hut".
8. (Maurya) Sudama Cave, Barabar Hills, interior, view ino entrance.
9. (Maurya) Lomas Rishi Cave, Barabar Hills, exterior, entrance.
10. (Maurya) Sudama Cave, Barabar Hills, cell at left end.
11. Chaitya-Sriha, rock cut, circular section, Guntupalli.
12. (Sunga) Mahabodhi Temple, pillar panel showing worship of wheel.
13. India, Map of Physical Geography of Indian Subcontinent, whole.
14. Map of Indian Art and Architecture Sites, whole, including Afghanistan, Baluchistan, Tibet, Nepal.
15. Magadha City Gate, Kushinagara, drawing after relief on Great Stupa, South Gate, Sanchi.
16. Sanchi Stupa 1, South Gate, back view, siege of Kusinagara, Sanchi.
17. (Sunga) Bhaja, Chaitya Hall, interior, wooden ribs in nave ceiling.
18. (Sunga) Bhaja, Chaitya Hall, exterior, facade head on.
19. (Sunga) Bhaja, Chaitya Hall, exterior facade, right top brackets.
20. (Sunga) Bhaja Small Vihara, plan and interior details, after Percy Brown.
21. (Sunga) Bhaja Vihara No. 18 , porch right wall, Indra panel, detail.
22. (Sunga) Bhaja Vuhara No. 18, exterior, Porch right wall, Indra and Surya relief.
23. (Sunga) Kondane Chaitya Hall, exterior, general view from left during monsoon, Kondane.
24. (Sunga) Kondane Chaitya Hall, exterior, front view, Kondane.
25. (Sunga) Kondane Chaitya Hall, exterior, facade from right, Kondane.
26. (Sunga) Kondane Chaitya Hall, reconstruction of monolithic facade.
27. (Sunga) Karli Chaitya Hall, exterior, general view with new temple, Karli.
28. (Sunga) Karli Chaitya Hall, exterior, porch, toward right wall, Karli.
29. (Sunga) Karli Chaitya Hall, exterior, porch, Donor Couple panel, Karli.
30. (Sunga) Karli Chaitya Hall, exterior, porch, panel right of main door, Left Couple, Karli.
31. (Sunga) Karli Chaitya Hall, interior, row of pillars, Karli.
32. (Sunga) Karli Chaitya Hall, interior, full length of nave, Karli.
33. (Gupta) Ajanta, Cave 26, sculpture, ambulatory, Buddha's Parinivana. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden).
34. Ajanta, Cave 26, Interior, Stupa with seated Buddha.
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