ARTH 104

Intro to Art in South Asia
Professor: Meister
Lecture 4

1. (Maurya) Asoka Column, Rampurva, Number. 2 Bull Capital, Right.
2. (Maurya) Asokan pillar, Sarnath , Lion Capital.
3. (Sunga) Sunga Ksatrapa lintel from Mathura.
4. (Sunga) Sunga bull capital from Mathura.
5. Bharhut Stupa, Lotus Wave w/Jakata Scene, part of coping stone railing - Allabahad Museum.
6. (Sunga) Sunga Ksatrapa lintel from Mathura, detail.
7. Mahabodhi Temple, Sunga railing, cave worship.
8. Bharhut Stupa, 2 warriors etc. relief.
9. (Maurya) Colossal male figure ("Yaksa") from Parkham, Uttar Pradesh, front.
10. (Sunga) Mahabodhi Temple, Sunga railing, cave.
11. Anuradhapura Stupa.
12. (Maurya) Kubera Yaksha, Besnagar, Vidisha Dist., full view angle.
13. Bharhut Stupa, railing - Calcutta: Indian Museum.
14. Bharhut Stupa, standard bearer - Calcutta: Indian Museum.
15. Bharhut Stupa, Yaksha Chanda, Yaksha Chanda - detail -Calcutta: Indian Museum.
16. Bharhut Stupa, gateway and railing - Calcutta: Indian Museum.
17. Bharhut Stupa, Bodhi Tree worship - Calcutta: Indian Museum.
18. Bharhut Stupa, Yaksha Kubera - Calcutta: Indian Museum.
19. Bharhut Stupa, Railing pillar Yakshi - detail - Calcutta: Indian Museum.
20. Bharhut Stupa, Pillar Medallion: Anathpindada Jetavan Jakata.
21. Bharhut Stupa, Dream of Maya, rail pillar medallion - Calcutta: Indian Museum.
22. Bharhut Stupa, Goddess Srima, detail - Calcutta: Indian Museum.
23. Map of Comparative Areas of South Asia and the U.S.A.
24. Bharhut Stupa, Mriga (Ruru) Jakata medallion -Calcutta: Indian Museum.
25. Map of India, Maritime and Silk Road Trade Routes.
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