ARTH 104

Intro to Art in South Asia
Professor: Meister
Lecture 17

1. Mughal, Akbar-Nama, Bullocks dragging siege guns during attack on Ranthambhor port, 1568, Outline by Miskin, painting by paras.
2. Mughal, Akbar-Nama, Akbar crossing bridge of boats. Outline by Basawan, painting by Chatur.
3. Mughal, Akbar-Nama, Adham Khan being thrown from Palace walls, Agra, 1562. Outline and Portraits by Miskin, ptg. by Sankar.
4. Mughal, Ramayana, Folio, Mughal.
5. Fort, Jahangir Mahal, Courtyard, Agra.
6. Fort, Jahangir Mahal, Pillars and Brackets, Agra.
7. Mughal-Jahangir, Jahangir and his retinue.
8. Mughal Jahangir, Windsor castle Shah Namah, Attr. Payag, Siege of Qandahar.
9. Mughal Jahangir, Windsor castle Shah Namah, Attr. Payag. Siege of Qandahar, detail.
10. Mughal Jahangir, Windsor castle Shah Namah, Attr. Payag. Siege of Qandahar, detail.
11. Mughal, Bird by Farrukh Beg, Jahangir school.
12. Yellow Narcissus and Butter-fly, Muhammad Nadir of Samarkand.
13. Mughal, Birds, Studies by Miskin.
14. Mughal, Squirrels in a plane tree, Attr. Abu'l Hasan.
15. Jahangir, Tibetan Yak. Abu'l Hasan, Nadir Al-Zaman.
16. Mughal, Portrait of Inayat Khan, Drawing.
17. Mughal Jahangir, House of Shaikh Phul by Bishandas.
18. Jahangir, Fakirs resting in Landscape, Govardhan, Without border.
19. Mughal, Allegorical Portrait of Jahangir receiving Homage, By Bichter, detail, European Motifs.
20. Mughal, Allegorical Portrait of Jahangir receiving Homage, By Bichter.
21. Mughal, Jahangir, Akbar and Jahangir, c.1610.
22. Mughal, Equestrian Portrait of Shah jahan.
23. Tomb of Itimad-Ud-Daula, West wall close-up, Agra.
24. Mausoleum of Itimudud Daulah, close-up to tomb, Agra.
25. Taj Mahal, exterior, detail floral inlay and relief, Agra.
26. Taj Mahal, exterior, Cupola, Agra.
27. Taj Mahal, exterior, view from Agra Fort.
28. Taj Mahal, View over reflecting pool, Agra.
29. Mughal, Aurangzab on Horse back.
30. Map of Mughal Empire 1526-1707, India.
31. Tomb of Muhammad 'Adil Shah, South, Bijapur.
32. Deccani, Portrait of General Ibrahim Adil Shah II of Bijapur.
33. Bibi-Ki- Makbara, General view, Aurungabad.
34. Aurangzeb, Aurangzeb with son Sultan Azam and courtiers, by bichith.
35. Mughal, Aurangzeb as old man performing his Namaz.
36. Mughal, Turkey cock, By Mansur Mini-Ature.
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