ARTH 104

Intro to Art in South Asia
Professor: Meister
Lecture 16

1. Sultanate, Jainesque Shahnama, Afrasiyab is slain, detail.
2. Transitional: Apabhramsa Rrajput, Dispersed Bhagavata Purana, Nanda leaving with Krishna & Balarama, Bharat KaKa Bhavan.
3. Transitional: Apabhramsa Rajput, Chaurapanchasika, Champavati & Bilhana.
4. Transitional: Apabhramsa Rajput, Chaurapanchasika, Champavati & Bilhana.
5. Sultanate, Islamic, Nimat-Nama, Preparation & Perfuming of sherbat.
6. Sultanate, Islamic, Nimat-Nama, Purfuming sultan's chamber.
7. Shrine of Kwaja Abu Nasr Parsa, Main facade, Balkh.
8. Mughal, Emperor Babur. by Haydon Mirza.
9. Jahaz Mahal, General view, Mandu.
10. Jahaz Mahal, Ship Palace in fort, general view, Mandu.
11. Mosque of Sher Shah-Masjid-I-Kuhn, Wall detail, Delhi, Purana Qila.
12. Eklakhi Tomb, Sultan Jalal-Ud- Din Mohammed Shah. General view, Pandua, Bengaladesh.
13. Humayun's Tomb, general view, Delhi.
14. Humayun's Tomb, View of Corner with Arches & Dome, Delhi.
15. Moghul, 16th century, Sovereigns and Princes of House of Timur, By Mir Sayyid Ali of Abdus-Samad?
16. Moghul, 17th century, Akbar Portrait Drawing.
17. Akbar, Hanza-Nama, Hamza and Zumurrud Shah bound before Lukman.
18. Akbar, Hanza-Nama, Amr Thrown over city walls into Moat.
19. Sultanate, Jainesque Shahnama, Rustam Kills the White Div., detail.
20. Jami Masjid, general view, 14th Century, Gulbarga. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
21. Mughal, Tuti-Nama, parrot Address khujasta.
22. Mughal, Tuti-Nama, Tale 8, Landscape with lotus pool.
23. Mughal, Tuti-Nama, Tale. Attr. to basawan.
24. Tale 47: Destitute friends go to wise men, receive magic shell, Tuti-Nama, Mughal.
25. Diwan-I-Khas, with frontal of pillar supporting throne, Fatehpur Sikri.
26. Akbar, Seated Sufi, Basawan, detail of head.
27. Mughal, Akbar, Study of Jesuit Priest.
28. Diwan-I-Khas, Frontal view, Fatehpur Sikri.
29. Mughal, European Figure.
30. Mughal, Two students, Attrib. to Manohar. Frag. of a larger ptg., North India.
31. Miriam's house, Porch columns, traces of ptg, Fatehpur Sikri.
32. Plan of city, Fatehpur Sikri.
33. Uttar Pradesh Panch Mahal, Angle view with Diwan-I-Khan, Fatehpur Sikri.
34. Uttar Pradesh Jodh Bai's Palace, General view, Fatehpur Sikri.
35. Buland Darwaza, exterior, front view, Fatehpur Sikri.
36. Akbar, Akbar-Nama, Akbar welcomed by 3 sons at return to Fatehpur Sikri.1573.( Right page) Kesu Kalan, Nar Singh.
37. Mughal, Akbar-Nama, Building of fort at Agra, 1585, Outline by Miskin, painting by Sarwan, detail.
38. Mughal, Akbar-nama, folio: Akbar inspects building of Fatehpur Sikri, c.1600. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
39. Tomb of Akbar, Angular view of courtyard with platform & galleries, Sikandra, Uttar Pradesh.
40. Tomb of Akbar, Gateway from distance, Sikandra, Uttar Pradesh.
41. Tomb of Akbar, General view, Sikandra, Uttar Pradesh.
42. Tomb of Akbar, exterior, detail, south doorway, Sikandra, Uttar Pradesh.
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