ARTH 104

Intro to Art in South Asia
Professor: Meister
Lecture 15

1. Lingaraja Temple, exterior, Superstructure from the north, Bhubaneswar.
2. Kandariya Mahadeva Temple, exterior, Rear of Sikhara, Khajuraho.
3. South Indian Chola, Devi, Spouse of Vrishabhantika, torso, left.
4. Brihadisvara Temple, exterior, mandapa, Tanjore.
5. Bharhut Stupa, sculpture, standard bearer, Bharhut.
6. Bharhut Stupa, sculpture, pillar medallion.
7. Kotla of Firoz Shah, exterior view of wall and pillar, Delhi. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
8. The Qutb-Minar, with Iron pillar, Delhi.
9. Jami Masjid, Distant view of Facade, Ahmadabad, Guj.
10. Tughlagabad Tomb of Ghyas Al-Din Tughlaq, Angle view, Delhi.
11. Surya Deul Temple, sculpture, Surya, side detail, Worshipper, Konarak.
12. Surya Deul Temple (Sun Temple).Jagmohan Wheel, exterior of wheel, Konarak.
13. Surya Deul Temple, exterior, Complex from south east, Konarak.
14. Surya Deul Temple, Conjectural Restoration after Percy Brown, Konarak.
15. Surya Deul-Sun Temple, sculpture, Jagamohan roof upper tier, Cymbal Player, Konarak.
16. Surya Deul Temple (Sun Temple).Jagmohan Wheel, exterior of wheel, Konarak.
17. Surya Deul-Sun Temple, Jagmohan Maithuna Wall sculpture, Konarak.
18. Surya Deul Temple, Jagmohan Wall, Maithuna, Konarak.
19. South Indian, Temple Car, Tirukurungudi, Tirunelveli Dist., view in preparation.
20. Jami Masjid, general view, 14th Century, Gulbarga. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
21. Minakshi (Great) Temple, interior hallway, Madurai.
22. Minankshi (great) Temple, exterior, Approach to temple, Madurai.
23. Alagiyanambirayarkovil Temple, sculpture, Shaiva saints & deities - bronze in use, Tirukkurungudi, Madras State, South India.
24. Alagiyanambirayarkovil Temple, sculpture, Nataraja with consorts - bronze in use, Tirukkurungudi, Madra State, South India.
25. South Indian, Temple Car, Tirukurungudi, Tirunelveli Dist, view in festival procession.
26. South Indian, Temple Car, Tirukurungudi, Tirunelveli Dist., view in preparation.
27. Arhai-Din-Ka, Pillars, Ajmer, Rajasthan Mosque.
28. Arhai-Din-Ka, Ceiling Panel, Ajmer, Rajasthan Mosque.
29. Atala Masjid, interior, general view, Jaunpur.
30. Atala Masjid, exterior, main gate, general view, Jaunpur.
31. Fort and Palace, exterior detail, Jodhpur.
32. Palace of Bir Singh Deo, courtyard, Orchha.
33. Maharana Palace, exterior view from southeast, Udaipur.
34. Fort and Palace, distant view, Jodhpur.
35. Vijayanagara, view looking northeast, Vitthala T. in background.
36. Pompapati Temple, exterior, view looking northeast, Vijayanagara.
37. Vithal Temple, exterior, general view, Vijayanagara.
38. Vitthala Temple, Kalyana Mandapa, Interior, Pillars, Vijayanagara.
39. Vijayanagar, Lotus Mahal , exterior, general view.
40. Elephant Stables, exterior general view, Vijayanagara. (Copyright Protected. Duplication Forbidden)
41. Wittet, George, Prince of Wales Museum, exterior general view, 1905-1914, Bombay, India.
42. Gateway of India, Bombay.
43. Lutyens, Edwin, New Delhi,Viceroy's House, 1920-1931.
44. Lutyens, Edwin, New Delhi. Viceroy's House, exterior, Screen to Viceroy's Court.
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