ARTH 104

Intro to Art in South Asia
Professor: Meister
Lecture 14

1. Ajanta, Cave 1, Flying dwarf at right of Buddha, Shrine.
2. Ajanta, Cave 1, Lustration and renunciation, full scene.
3. Ajitanatha Temple, Prasaca, Niche figure, Taranga Hill, Gujarat.
4. Ajitanatha Temple, Distant view from south, Taranga Hill, Gujarat.
5. Queen's Stepwell, interior of well, view from below looking up towards brackets, Patan.
6. Queen's Stepwell, exterior of overall view from west to east, Patan.
7. Queen's Stepwell, interior of well, view sculptural courses at bottom levels of well, Patan.
8. Queen's Stepwell, interior, 3rd pavilion, west face, Patan.
9. Queen's Stepwell, Panel 11, yogini representing some sinister cult, detail, Patan.
10. Apabhramsa style, Disputation between Vidi Devasur and Kumudachandra, Wooden book cover detail.
11. Image not available.
12. Jinadatta Suri, 3rd Pattika (bookcover), Tirthankara muni Punyavijaya.
13. Tughlagabad Tomb of Ghyas Al-Din Tughlaq, Angle view, Delhi.
14. Kazrat Nizam Al-Din Auliya, Chishti Saint, Part of tmmb: Behind-Jamat Khana Masjid, Delhi.
15. Jami Masjid, Portal. Northwest, Ahmadabad, Guj.
16. Jami Masjid, Distant view of Facade, Ahmadabad, Guj.
17. Tughlagabad Tomb of Ghyas Al-Din Tughlaq, Angle view, Delhi.
18. Jami Masjid, Floral Panel, East wall, Ahmadabad Guj.
19. Apabhramsa style, Kalpasutra Kalaka-Katha, Birth of Mahavira.
20. Apabhramsa style, Kalpasutra Kalakcarya-Katha, Kalaka and Saka King, Balamitran and his wife.
21. Apabhramsa Style, Kalpasutra & Kalakacharyakatha, Arya Kalaka Sahi.
22. Apabhramsa Style, Kalpasutra & Kalakachar-Yakatha, Border Deco, Devasano Pado Bhandar, Ahmedabad.
23. Sidi Sayyid's mosque, Window detail, Ahmadabad, Gujarat.
24. Rani Sipri Mosque and Tomb, General view of mosque, Ahmadabad, Gujarat.
25. Apabhramsa Style, Jain, Kalpasutra, Rani Trisla looking at herself in the mirror.
26. Apabhramsa style, Jain, Kalpasutra, Aristanemi riding to Bridal Pavilion.
27. Transitional: Apabhramsa Rrajput, Gangadevimahathya, Colophon page, Ganga, and her river form.
28. Transitional: Apabhramsa Rrajput, Dispersed Bhagavata Purana, Krishna.
29. Transitional: Apabhramsa Rrajput, Durgashaptsasti, Ms: Durga in battle, pipalpur.
30. Sultanate Islanmic, Khamsa of Amir Khusrau Dihlavi, Majnum throws self on Laila's tomb.
31. Transitional: Apabhramsa Rrajput, Dispersed Bhagavata Purana, Bharat KaKa Bhavan.
32. Sultanate ,Jainesque Shahnama, Afrasiyab is slain, detail.
33. Sultanate Islanmic, Khamsa of Amir Khusrau Dihlavi, Wife of Hasan in prison tower.
34. Sultanate, Jainesque Shahnama, Sam and the Simurgh on Mount Alburz, detail.
35. Sultanate, Jainesque Shahnama, Bizhan in the Dungeon, detail.
36. Sultanate, Jainesque Shahnama, Rustam battles with Alkus, the Turanian, detail.
37. Sultanate, Jainesque Shahnama, Rustam Kills the White Div. detail.
38. Jami Masjid, Section in Perspective, Ahmadabad.
39. Dispersed Bhagavata Purana, Krishna fights Demon, Bharat KaKa Bhavan.
40. Ratan Singh Palace and Temple, General view, Chitor.
41. Kumbha's Palace from Darwan Archway, Chitor.
42. Jain Temple complex, exterior, Entrance facade, Ranakpur.
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