ARTH 104

Intro to Art in South Asia
Professor: Meister
Lecture 13

1. Bathers, Varanasi.
2. Men Standing and Sitting About, Bamiyan.
3. Map of India, The expansion of Islam to 1050 A.D. and the Ghaznavid empire to 1030.
4. Map of India, spread of Islam from Mohammed's death.
5. Harihara Temple No.1, exterior, Overall view from south, Osai.
6. Landscape from hill - Harsagiri, Sikar, Harsagiri.
7. Temple A, North Kafirkot, exterior, temple A from south west, Kaffirkot.
8. Mausoleum of Khalid Walid, exterior, general view from southeast, c.1175-85, Pakistan, Punjab, Kabirwala (Multan).
9. Hermits, Five Holy Men, c.1625-1630, Govardhan.
10. Fakirs resting in Landscape, Govardhan, Jahangir.
11. Tomb of Shah Rukn-e-Alam, exterior, 14th Century, Multan, Pakistan.
12. The Qutb, Restoration Drawing showing extensions of Mosque, Delhi.
13. Minaret of Ghiyath al-Din, view, with site of mosque at lower right, 1194, Jam, Afghanistan.
14. Minaret of Ghiyath al-Din, inscription in bricks, 1194, Jam, Afghanistan.
15. Qutb-Minar, With Quwwat Al-Islam Mosque, Delhi, India.
16. The Qutb, Restoration Drawing showing extensions of Mosque, Delhi, India,.
17. The Qutb, Quwwat-Islam-Mosque, Cloister interior, Delhi, India.
18. The Qutb, Quwwat Al-Islam. Complex, exterior, detail, Delhi, India.
19. The Qutb, exterior, Gupta-Iron Column, Delhi, India.
20. The Qutb-Minar, With Iron pillar, Delhi, India.
21. Chaurasi Khamba, Plan, Kaman, Jaipur, East Rajasthan, India.
22. Chaurasi Khamba, interior, Mimbar & Zenana, Kaman, Jaipur, East Rajasthan, India.
23. Chaurasi Khamba, interior, Mihrab, west wall, Kaman, Jaipur, East Rajasthan, India.
24. Chaurasi Khamba, interior, Mimbar, Kaman, Jaipur, East Rajasthan, India.
25. Chaurasi Khamba, exterior, north wall, colonnade, detail, Rajasthan, Kaman, India.
26. Chaurasi Khamba, sculpture, balcony, north wall, northwest corner, east pillar, gajamunda, Rajasthan, Kaman, India.
27. Arhai-Dinka, Facade, Ajmer, Rajasthan Mosque.
28. Arhai-Din-ka, Screen detail, Ajmer, Rajasthan Mosque.
29. Arhai-Din-ka, Screen detail, Ajmer, Rajasthan Mosque.
30. Mahavira Jain Temple, Devakulikas Devakulika No.3, Osia.
31. Arhai-Din-Ka, Pillars, Ajmer, Rajasthan Mosque.
32. Arhai-Din-Ka, Ceiling Panel, Ajmer, Rajasthan Mosque.
33. Temple of Vimala Saha, interior, General view interior, Mount Abu.
34. Jain Temples, exterior, General view of site, distant view, Mount Abu.
35. Chaurasi Khamba, Plan, Kaman, Jaipur, East Rajasthan.
36. Temple of Vimala Saha, plan with color, 11th Century, Mount Abu, India.
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