ARTH 104

Intro to Art in South Asia
Professor: Meister
Lecture 12

1. Five Rathas, exterior, northwest view, Mahabalipuram.
2. Bharhut Stupa, Lotus Wave w/Jakata Scene, part of coping stone railing - Allabahad Museum.
3. Vaikuntha-Perumal Temple, Section & Perspective, Percy Brown, Kanchipuram.
4. Kailasanatha Temple, exterior, view of main shrine, Kanchipuram.
5. Bribadisvara Temple, exterior, general view with Mandapa, southeast, Tanjore.
6. Subrahmaniya Temple, exterior, partial view, Tanjore.
7. Minankshi-Sundaresvara Temple, exterior, South Gopuram NE view with golder lily pond in fore, Madurai.
8. Minankshi (great) Temple, exterior, Distant view of Gopuras, Madurai.
9. Galaganatha Temple, exterior, Sikhara, Pattadakal.
10. Gupta, Temple 17, exterior, View From N.E., Sanchi.
11. Kandariya Mahadeva Temple, exterior, view from southeast, c.1000, Madhya Pradesh, India.
12. Lingaraja Temple, exterior, Superstructure from the north, Bhubaneswar.
13. Udayasvara Temple, exterior full view from side, 1050-1080, Madhya Pradesh, India.
14. Kandariya Mahadeva Temple, exterior, Rear of Sikhara, Khajuraho.
15. Jain Temple complex, exterior, from northwest, Ranakpur.
16. Jain Temple complex, Ground plan, Ranakpur.
17. Cave 3, Trivikrama, detail, Badami.
18. Cave 3, facade, Badami.
19. Upper Siva-Laya Temple, Distant view, angle, Badami.
20. Malagitti-Sivalaya Temple, General view from east, Badami.
21. Durga Temple, Apsidal end, Aihole.
22. Lad Khan Temple, Side from south, Aihole.
23. Sangamesvara Temple, Ardhanarisvara, Closeup, Mahakut.
24. Site showing Mahakutesvara and Sangamesvara Temples, Mahakut.
25. Kashi Visvanath Surya Shrine, exterior sikhara, 1087, Lakkundi, India.
26. Kallesvara Temple, exterior full view of side, 1005, Kukkanur, India.
27. Mahadeva Temple, exterior, Vimana, Wall detail, Ittagi.
28. Mahadeva Temple, Wall detail, Ittagi.
29. Dedda Bassappa, Wall detail, Dumbal.
30. Dedda Bassappa, General view - overall, Dumbal.
31. Hoysalesvara Temple, From southwest, Halebid.
32. Hoysalesvara Temple, Sculpture wall detail, Halebid.
33. Kesava Temple, Wall of western shrine, Somnathpur.
34. Kesava Temple, View from south-east, Somnathpur.
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