ARTH 410
(HIST 410/RELS 438)
The Abbey of Saint-Denis
Instructor: Professor Waldman
M 3-6

Course Description

This course has two principal purposes: to study in detail the abbey of Saint-Denis from the time of the martyrdom of the saint to the thirteenth century, and by doing so to explore major themes in French medieval history. The major portion of the course will be devoted to the writings of Abbot Suger (1122-51) and the church that he built. We will study the origins of the cult as well as the history of the abbey under the Merovingian, Carolingian, and Capetian kings. We will examine a variety of written sources (chronicles, charters, saint's lives) and material ones (manuscripts, liturgical objects, stained glass, sculpture, etc.). Students will be required to give two oral reports and write a research paper.

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