ARTH 293/693

History of Photography
Professor: Butterfield
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Social Documentary II

1. Lewis Hine (American), Breaker Boys in a Coal Mine, South Pittston, PA
2. Lewis Hine (American), Powerhouse Mechanic
3. Dorthea Lange (American), Sharecroppers, Eutaw, Alabama
4. Margaret Bourke-White (American), Two Women, Lansdale, Arkansas
5. Arthur Rothstein (American), Farmer & Son Walking in Face of Dust Storm, Cimarron Co.,OK
6. Dorthea Lange (American), Tractored Out, Childress Country, Texas
7. Arthur Rothstein (American), Skull, Badlands, South Dakota
8. Dorthea Lange (American), In a Camp of Migratory Pea Pickers
9. Dorthea Lange (American), Migrant Mother; three different views
10. Dorthea Lange (American), Migratory Cotton Picker, Eloy, Arizona
11. Ben Shahn (American), Rehabilitation Client, Boone County, Arkansas 
12. Ben Shahn (American), Cotton Pickers, Pulaski County, Arkansas
13. Ben Shahn (American), Children of a Destitute Ozark Sharecropper
14. Robert H. McNeil (American), The Bronx Slave Market Series, 1937
15. Prentice H. Polk (American), The Boss
16. Gordon Parks (American), Mrs. Ella Watson, Government Charwoman 
17. Gordon Parks (American), Mrs. Ella Watson, a Government Charwoman, and her Grandchildren
18. Dorthea Lange (American), Plantation owner, near Clarksdale, Mississippi
19. Dorthea Lange (American), Plantation owner, near Clarksdale, Mississippi; detail: as used in Land of the Free, 1938
20. Walker Evans (American), Floyd Burrough's Bedroom, Hale County, AL
21. Dorthea Lange (American), Migrant Mother
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