ARTH 293/693

History of Photography
Professor: Butterfield
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Social Documentary 1

1. T.G. Dugdale (British (?)), Pit Brown Girl, Shevington
2. Horace Nicholls (British), Delivering Coal  
3. Frances Benjamin Johnston (American), Hampton Institute: Students at Work on the Stairway 
4. Thomas John Barnardo (British), Before-and-After Photographs of a Young Boy
5. Jacob August Riis (Danish), Five Cent Lodgings, Bayard Street
6. Jacob August Riis (Danish), Five Cent Lodgings, Bayard Street; cf: wood engraving by Kenyon Cox from "How the Other Half Lives"
7. Jacob August Riis (Danish), In the Home of an Italian Rag-Picker, New Jersey
8. John Thomson (British), Crawlers from Street Life in London
9. Alfred Stieglitz (American), Steerage
10. Lewis Hine (American), Italian Family, Ellis Island
11. Lewis Hine (American), Bowery Mission Bread Line
12. Paul Strand (American), New York
13. Lewis Hine (American), Ten-Year-Old Spinner, North Carolina Cotton Mill
14. Lewis Hine (American), Some Adolescents in a Georgia Cotton Mill
15. Lewis Hine (American), Making Human Junk
16. Maxime Du Camp (French), Colossus of Abu-Simbel, Nubia
17. August Sander (German), Circus People, Duren
18. August Sander (German), Gypsy  
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