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History of Photography
Professor: Butterfield
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Photography and Revolution

1. Bragaglia, Anton Giulio (Italian) Typist
2. Bragaglia, Anton Giulio (Italian) Searching (1912)
3. Marey, Etienne (French) High Long Jump by Monsieur...
4. Heartfield, John (German) Millionen Stehen Hinter Mir. Der Sinn Des Hitlergrusses
5. Heartfield, John (German) Adolf - Der Ubermensch Schluckt Gold and Redt Blech
6. Heartfield, John (German) Goring, Der Henker, Sept. 14, 1933
7. Heartfield, John (German) Hurrah, the Butter is Finished! Dec. 12, 1935
8. Hoffmann, Heinrich (German) National Socialist Party Congress
9. Riefenstah, Leni (German) "Untitled"
10. Terragani, Giuseppe (German) photomontage Mural for the Exposition of the Fascist
11. Lissitzky, El (Russian) Self-Portrait, the Constructor (1924)
12. Rodchenko, Aleksandr M. (Russian) Assembling for a Demonstration
13. Rodchenko, Aleksandr M. (Russian) Chauffeur, Karelia (1933)
14. Rodchenko, Aleksandr M. (Russian) Portrait of My Mother
15. Alpert, Max Donbass Miners Go to Work
16. Ignatovich, Boris (Ukranian) At Work (1929)
17. Rodchenko, Aleksandr M. (Russian) Female Pioneer (1930)
18. anonymous Worker Hero (1933)
19. Rodchenko, Aleksandr M. (Russian) Pioneer with a Horn (1930)
20. Klucis, Gustav Let us Fulfill the plan of the great projects (1930)
21. Heartfield, John (German) All Fists have been Clenched as One (1934)
22. Leonardo (Italian) Mona Lisa
23. Duchamp, Marcel L.H.O.O.Q. (1919)
24. Michelangelo (Italian) David [Commercially Purchased Duplication Forbidden]
25. Leonardo (Italian) Mona Lisa, Roy Rogers Burger Ad (1980)
26. Michelangelo (Italian) Detail: head front
27. Michelangelo (Italian) Comparative Study with N. Pisano
28. Ictinus Parthenon
29. Michelangelo (Italian)(1501-4)
30. Jeanneret-Gris Photograph Le Corbusier next to the Parthenon
31. Jeanneret-Gris Vers une architecture
32. Heartfield, John (German) Adolf, the superman: swallows Gold and Spouts Junk
33. Jeanneret-Gris Towards a New Architecture (1927)
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