ARTH 293/693

History of Photography
Professor: Butterfield
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1. Jabez Hogg (British), Making a Portrait in Richard Bear's Studio (1843).
2. John W. Draper (American), Dorothy Catherine Draper (1840).
3. John Jr. Plumbe (American), Mrs. Francis Luqueer (1809 - 1857).
4. Ralph Earl (American), Roger Sherman (1768).
5. Desire F. Millet (French), Couple and Child (1854 - 9).
6. T. Gainsborough (British), Gravenor Family (1747 - 50).
7. Southworth and Hawes(American), Lemuel Shaw, Chief Justice of the Mass. Supreme Court (1851).
8. Southworth and Hawes (American), Portrait (1850).
9. Southworth and Hawes (American), Lola Montez (1851).
10. Southworth and Hawes (American), Girl with Gilbert Stuart Portrait of G. Washington (1850s).
11. Antonine - Francois Claudet (French), Geography Lesson (1850).
12. Southworth and Hawes (American), Unknown Lady ().
13. Southworth and Hawes (American), Women in Southworth and Hawes Studio (1854).
14. David Octavius Hill (British), George Meikle Kemp (1843).
15. David Octavius Hill (British), Mrs. Elizabeth Johnstone, Newhaven (1846).
16. David Octavius Hill (British), Misses Binny and Miss Monro (1845).
17. David Octavius Hill (British), McCandlish Children (1845).
18. Southworth and Hawes (American), Reverend William T. Smithett (1853).
19. David Octavius Hill (British), Redding the Line (Portrait of James Linton), (1846).
20. Matthew Brady (British), Thomas Cole 1845 - 48 (1843).
21. J.T. Zealy (American), Renty, Congo On Plantation of B. F. Taylor, Columbia, S. C. (1850s).
22. Nadar (French), George Sand (1877).
23. Nadar (French), Portrait of a West Indian. (1854 - 59).
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