ARTH 293/693

History of Photography
Professor: Butterfield
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Picturing Society II

1. Adolphe Dallemagne (French), Gallery of Contemporary Artists
2. Southworth and Hawes (American), Operation under Ether (1852)
3. anonymous, 19c, (French (?)), Pont Neuf in Paris
4. George N. Barnard (American), Fire in the Ames Mills, Oswego, New York
5. Edward Anthony (American), New York Street Scene
6. Jean Louis Henri LeSecq (French), Violin Player, Maison des Musiciens, Reims
7. O Mestral (French), Cahors: Pont Valentre
8. Philip Henry Delamotte (British), Open Colonnade, Garden Front of the Crystal Palace
9. Charles Marville (French), Tearing Down the Avenue of the Opera
10. Bisson Pere et Fils (French), Two Bridges
11. Albert Collard (French), Roundhouse on the Bourbonnais Railway, Nevers
12. Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (French), Reproductive drawing after the Comtesse d'Haussonville
13. Georges Seurat (French), La Grande Jatte. Study. Woman Fishing (1884-86)
14. 20th C. (American), Hotel Paris
15. Antonine-Francois-Jean Claudet (French), Geography Lesson
16. Nadar (French), Sarah Bernhardt
17. Nadar (French), Photographer's Wife
18. J.T. Zealy (American), Renty, Congo on plantation of B.F. Taylor, Colombia, SC
19. Napoleon Sarony (American), Eugene Sandow with a Leopard Skin (Posing as the Farnese Hercules)
20. Gustave Eiffel (French), Eiffel Tower (1889)
21. 20th Century (American), Ivory Soap Ad from American Magazine., April 1914
22. Glykon, Hercules Farnese
23. 20th Century (American), Clair Burke Perfume Ad., c.1981
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