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History of Photography
Professor: Butterfield
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Picturing Society I

1. Nadar, Pantheon Nadar, (1854)
2. Nadar, Eugene Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc, (1878)
3. Carjat, Etienne, Alexandre Dumas, (1878)
4. Nadar, Sarah Bernhardt, (1855)
5. Nadar, Photographer's Mother, (1853)
6. Sarony, Napoleon, Sarah Bernhardt, (c1880)
7. Reynolds, Joshua, Mrs. Siddons as the Tragic Muse, (1784)
8. Pierson, Louis, Countess Castiglione, (c1860)
9. Pierson, Louis, Scherzo di Follia-Games of Madness (Countess de Castiglione), (1863-66)
10. Pierson, Louis, Queen of Hearts (Countess de Castiglione), (1861-63)
11. anonymous, 19c, Blacksmith, (before 1850)
12. Stereoscope
13. London Stereoscopic Co., Prince and Princess of Wales at Sandringham
14. anonymous, 19c, Street Flutists, (c1852)
15. Melander & Brother, Haunted Lane, (c1880)
16. Bell, William Abraham, Grand Canyon; mouth of Kanab Wash. Colorado River Series
17. Church, Frederick Edwin, Heart of the Andes, (1859)
18. Disderi, Andre Adolphe Eugene, Carte-de-visite camera
19. Disderi, Andre Adolphe Eugene, Unidentified Woman, (c1860-65)
20. anonymous, Hand of Cartes-de-Visite, (c1865)
21. anonymous, 19c, Portrait of Workers, (1862-67)
22. Disderi, Andre Adolphe Eugene, Napoleon III, (1864)
23. Disderi, Andre Adolphe Eugene, Adelaide Ristori as Medea Carte de Visite, (1858)
24. anonymous, 19c, Dead Child, (c1850)
25. anonymous, 19c, Unidentified Confederate Soldier, (c1861)
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