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History of Photography
Professor: Butterfield
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Picturing Desire

1. Adams, Eddie, Viet Cong Executed, (1968)
2. Steichen, Edward, Self Portrait with Brush and Palette, Paris, (1901)
3. Steichen, Edward, Douglas Cigarette Lighters, (1928)
4. Reutlinger, Dinner Dress by Panem, (c1906)
5. De Meyer, Adolf, Baron, Wedding Dress, Modeled by Helen Lee Worthing, (1920)
6. Renger-Patzsch, Albert, Warming Irons from the Fagus Workshop
7. Watkins, Margaret, Phenix Cheese (for J. Walter Thompson), (1925)
8. Bruehl, Anton, Hands Threading a Needle, (c1929)
9. Steichen, Edward, Anna May Wong, (1930)
10. Brancusi, Constantin, Beginning of the World
11. Ray, Man, Model Reclining before Ray's "Observatory Time," (1936)
12. Avedon, Richard, Veiled Reds, (1978)
13. Bourke-White, Margaret, Construction of Giant Pipes..., (1936)
14. Sheeler, Charles, Ford Plant, Detroit, (1927)
15. Beaton, Cecil, Marlene Dietrich
16. Steichen, Edward, Gloria Swanson, New York, (1924)
17. Geppetti, Marcello, Anita Ekberg Fights with Paparazzi with Bows and Arrows
18. Geppetti, Marcello, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton discovered in 1962, (1962)
19. Warhol, Andy, Gold Marilyn Monroe, (1962)
20. Warhol, Andy, Publicity Still of Marilyn Monroe marked by Warhol for Cropping
21. Warhol, Andy, Marilyn Monroe, (1962)
22. Warhol, Andy, Jackie (Jacqueline Kennedy)
23. Warhol, Andy, Tunafish Disaster
24. Warhol, Andy, Little Race Riot, (1964)
25. 20th Century (American), Blazer Advertisement: "Call of the Wild"
26. 20th Century (American), Perugina, One of the Great Italian Tastemakers
27. 20th Century (American), Jamaica Tourist Board Ad. N.Y. Times Magazine, (1980)
28. Kruger, Barbara, Untitled "We Don't Need Another Hero," (1986)
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