ARTH 293/693

History of Photography
Professor: Butterfield
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New Vision

1. Evans, Walker (American) Sharecropper, Hale County, ALA
2. Evans, Walker (American) Allie Mae Burrough. Hale Co., AL
3. Evans, Walker (American) Wood & His Family
4. Evans, Walker (American) Washroom & Dining Area in Floyd Burrough's Home, Hale Co, AL
5. Evans, Walker (American) Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. 1936
6. Evans, Walker (American) Child's Grave. Hale County, ALA.
7. Frank, Robert (American)  Trolley, New Orleans (1924)
8. Frank, Robert (American) The Americans
9. Frank, Robert (American) Political Rally, Chicago (1955)
10. Frank, Robert (American) Parade, Hoboken, New Jersey (1955)
11. Frank, Robert (American) The Americans (1955 - 56)
12. Frank, Robert (American) The Americans (1955 - 56)
13. Evans, Walker (American) Crosses on Scene of Highway Accident, US 91, Idaho (1935)
14. Arbus, Diane (American) Mother Holding Her Child, NJ
15. Arbus, Diane (American) Nudist Lady with Swan Sunglasses, Pa.
16. Arbus, Diane (American) Patriotic Young man with a Flag
17. Steichen, Ed (American) Family of Man Exhibition at MOMA, NY
18. Steichen, Ed (American) Family of Man Exhibition at MOMA, NY
19. Arbus, Diane (American) Identical Twins Roselle, New Jersey
20. Arbus, Diane (American) A Jewish Giant at home with his parents in the Bronx


Arbus, Diane (American) Untitled 7
22. Arbus, Diane (American) Untitled 5
23. Arbus, Diane (American)  Lady at a Masked Ball with Two Roses on her Dress, N.Y.C.
24. Arbus, Diane (American) Promenade des Anglais, Nice
25. Cartier-Bresson, Henri (French) Paris, Gare S. Lazare
26. Cartier-Bresson, Henri (French) Sunday on the Banks of the Marne (1938)
27. Arbus, Diane (French)  Seated Man in a Bra and Stockings, NYC
28. Arbus, Diane (American) Hermaphrodite and a Dog in a Carnival Trailer
29. Stone, Benjamin (British) Group of Batwa Pygmies w/Members of Parliament on the Terrace of the House of Commons
30. Arbus, Diane (American) Boy with a Straw Hat Waiting to March in a Pro-War Parade, N.Y.C.
31. Lange, Dorothea (American) Migrant Mother
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