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History of Photography
Professor: Butterfield
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1. Genthe, Arnold, San Francisco Fire, (1906)
2. Hare, Jimmy, Carrying Out the Wounded During the Fighting at San Juan
3. Capa, Robert, Soldier at the Moment of Death, Spanish Civil War, (1936)
4. Capa, Robert, Normandy Invasion, (1944)
5. Smith, W. Eugene, Marines under Fire, Saipan, (1943)
6. Jacobs, Charles Fenno, Japanese Prisoner Bathing on the U.S.S. New Jersey, World War II, (1944)
7. Adams, Eddie, Viet Cong Executed, (1968)
8. Ut, Nick, Terror of War, Vietnam (Children Fleeing a Napalm Strike)
9. Arbus, Diane Nemerov, Puerto Rican Woman with a Beauty Mark, New York City, (1965)
10. Weegee, Critic (Mrs. Cavanaugh and Friend), (c1943)
11. Weegee, Their First Murder, (1944)
12. Weegee, Murder in Hell's Kitchen, (1940)
13. Weegee, Tenement Fire, December 14, 1939, (1939)
14. Riis, Jacob August, Cave Dweller: Man Slept in this Cellar for About Four Years
15. Weegee, Arrested for Bribing Basketball Players, (1942)
16. Weegee, Naked City, (1945)
17. Smith, W. Eugene, Wounded, Dying Infant Found by U.S. Soldiers in Saipan Mountains, (1944)
18. Smith, W. Eugene, Country Doctor. Published in Life, September 20, 1948, right of double page layout: doctor with patient
19. Smith, W. Eugene, Country Doctor. Published in Life, September 20, 1948. left of double page layout
20. Smith, W. Eugene, Country Doctor. Photo Essay, (1948)
21. Bourke-White, Margaret, Fort Peck Dam, Montana, (1936)
22. Smith, W. Eugene, Three soldiers with the Spanish Guardia Civil, (1950)
23. Smith, W. Eugene, Spanish Village--Photo Essay, (1951)
24. Smith, W. Eugene, Spanish Village--Photo Essay, (1951)
25. Smith, W. Eugene, Spanish Village- Photo Essay, The Wake, (1951)
26. Weegee, Coney Island Beach, (1940)
27. Cartier-Bresson, Henri, Alicante, Spain, (1933)
28. Weegee, Naked City., pg: I cried when I took this picture, (1945)
29. Lange, Dorothea, In a Camp of Migratory Pea Pickers, (1936)
30. Weegee, Evacuation (Their House is on Fire), (1949)
31. Man, Felix H., Mussolini: What Is He Planning?, (1931)
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