ARTH 293/693

History of Photography
Professor: Butterfield
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Natural & Cultural Landscapes

1. Timothy H. O'Sullivan (American), Ancient Ruins in the Canon De Chelle, NM.  
2. William Henry Jackson (American), Grand Canyon of the Colorado
3. Ansel Easton Adams (American), Winter Sunrise, Sierra Nevada from Lone Pine, CA
4. Edward Weston (American), Dunes, Oceano. (The Black Dune) 
5. Ansel Easton Adams (American), Monolith, The Face of Half Dome, Yosemite Valley, CA
6. Carleton Eugene Watkins (American), Vernal Falls--300ft., Yosemite
7. Minor White (American), Capitol Reef, Utah  
8. Alfred Stieglitz (American), Equivalent
9. Eliot Furness Porter (American), Pool and Reflections, Grand Gulch, San Juan River, Utah, May 23, 1962., 1962 
10. Robert Smithson (American), Spiral Jetty  
11. Richard Long (British), A Circle in Alaska 
12. Robert Adams (American), Colorado Springs, Colorado., 1968  
13. Robert Adams (American), "Frontier" Gas Station and Pikes Peak  
14. Stephen Shore (American), Beverly Boulevard and LaBrea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 
15. Lewis Baltz (American), Model Home, Shadow Mountain
16. Andy Warhol (American), Thirty Two Cans of Campbell Soup 
17. Roy Lichtenstein (American), Takka Takka
18. John Pfahl (American), Trojan Nuclear Plant, Columbia River, Oregon. 
19. John Pfahl (American), Arcadia Revisited: Two Miles Below the Falls  
20. Richard Misrach (American), Active Eagle's Nest
21. Richard Misrach (American), Crater and Destroyed Convoy 
22. Carleton Eugene Watkins (American), Tu-Toch-Anula, or El Capitan. 3,600 feet high, Yosemite
23. Ansel Adams, El Capitan and Merced River (N/A, Commercially Purchased)
24. John Pfahl (American), Pacific Gas and Electric Plant (Moro Bay, CA.)
25. John Pfahl (American), Storm clouds Over Nay Island
26. Stephen Shore (American), U.S. 10, Post Fall, Idaho, August 15
27. Robert Adams (American), Denver, Colorado 
28. John Pfahl (American), Bethlehem #16 (Lackawana, NY)
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