ARTH 293/693

History of Photography
Professor: Butterfield
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1. Durer, Albrecht, Manual of Measurement, (1538)
2. anonymous, Camera obscura, (17c)
3. anonymous, Silhouette-making apparatus
4. Niepce, Joseph Nicephore, Portrait of Niepce
5. Niepce, Joseph Nicephore, Cardinal D'Ambroise, (c1827)
6. Niepce, Joseph Nicephore, Set Table, (c1827)
7. Niepce, Joseph Nicephore, View from his window at La Gras, (1827)
8. Sabatier-Blot, Jean-Baptiste, Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre, (1844)
9. Daguerre, Louis Jacques Mande, Still Life, (1837)
10. Daguerre, Louis Jacques Mande, Two Views of the Boulevard du Temple, Paris, Taken on the Same Day
11. anonymous, Daguerreotype Camera, (19c)
12. anonymous, Daguerreotype case, frame, and matte
13. anonymous, Samuel F. B. Morse, (c1845)
14. Langenheim, William, Northeast corner of 3rd and Dock St., First Bank of the US, (1844)
15. Plumbe, John Jr., Capitol Building, Washington DC, (1845-6)
16. Clausel, Alexandre Jean Pierre, Untitled - probably near Troyes, (c1855)
17. Whipple, John Adams, Moon, (1851)
18. Claudet, Antonine-Francois-Jean, William Henry Fox Talbot, (c1844)
19. Talbot, William Henry Fox, Villa Melzi, (1833)
20. Talbot, William Henry Fox, Botanical Specimen, (1839)
21. Talbot, William Henry Fox, Latticed Window
22. Talbot, William Henry Fox, Talbot Camera "Mousetrap"
23. Talbot, William Henry Fox, C's Portrait (Constance Talbot), (1840)
24. Daguerre, Louis Jacques Mande, Notre Dame from the Pont des Tournelles, (1838-39)
25. Talbot, William Henry Fox, Open Door, (1843)
26. Talbot, William Henry Fox, Articles of China, (1844)
27. Daguerre, Louis Jacques Mande, Collection of Shells and Miscellany, (1839)
28. Talbot, William Henry Fox, Reverend Calvert Jones at Lacock Abbey, (c1845)
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