ARTH 293/693

History of Photography
Professor: Butterfield
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Face of Our Time

1. Atget, Jean Eugene (French) Rue de la Montagne-Sainte-Genevieve (1925)
2. Atget, Jean Eugene (French) At the Sign of the Drum (1925)
3. Atget, Jean Eugene (French) Pontes des Belles Fontaine (1925)
4. Atget, Jean Eugene (French) Vertumnus, Tuleries (1925)
5. Atget, Jean Eugene (French) Prostitute, Paris (1920s)
6. Atget, Jean Eugene (French) Ragpicker, Paris (1925)
7. Lartigue, Jacques (French) Zissou et Madeleine Thibault (1925)
8. Lartigue, Jacques (French) Avenue des Acacias (1911)
9. Atget, Jean Eugene (French) Boulevard de Strasbourg Corsets (1912)
10. Atget, Jean Eugene (French) Shop, avenue des Gobelins (1925)
11. Atget, Jean Eugene (French) Young Peasants on their way to a Dance Wasterwald (1913 - 1914)
12. Sander, August (French) Earthbound Farmer (1910)
13. Sander, August (French) Untitled (1910) [Commericially Purchased Duplication Forbidden]
14. Sander, August (French) Unemployed Man, Cologne (1928)
15. Sander, August (French) Pastry Cook, Cologne (1928)
16. Sander, August (French) Persecuted Jew, Mr. Leubsdorf (1938)
17. Sander, August (French) SS Officer (1937)
18. Atget, Jean Eugene (French) Rue des Ursins (1923)
19. Sander, August (French) Master Mason (1932)
20. Atget, Jean Eugene (French) Parc De Sceaux (1921)
21. Sander, August (French) Gypsy (1938)
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