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History of Photography
Professor: Butterfield
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European Exploration

1. Gustave LeGray (French), Cavalry Manoeuvres, Camp de Chalons (1857)
2. DuCamp (French), Colossus of Abu-Simbel, Nubia (1850)
3. Baldus, Edouard Denis (French), Abbey and Town of Saint Antoine en Dauphine (1851)
4. O Mestral (French), Cahors: Pont Valentre (19th Century)
5. Samuel Bourne (British), Vishn Pud and Other Temples Near the Burning (1863 - 66)
6. Samuel Bourne (British) Boulders on the Road to Muddun Mahal (1867)
7. Bonfils Family (French) Dames Syriennes dans leur interieur
8. Bonfils Family (French) Dead Sea, A View of the Expanse (1860-90)
9. Auguste Salzmann (British) Jerusalem, Photographic Study (1856)
10. Auguste Salzmann (British) Jerusalem, Isalmic Fountain
11. Gustave LeGray (French), Karnak: Pillars of the Great Hall
12. Antonio Beato (born Italy, active England), Interior of Temple of Horus, Edfu
13. Francis Frith (British), Pyramids of Dashoor: from the East, 1858
14. Francis Frith (British), Fallen Colossus, Ramasseum, Thebes
15. Francis Frith (British), Sphinx and the Great Pyramids
16. Francis Frith (British), Approach to Philae
17. Maxime Du Camp (French), Sphinx
18. Charles Soulier (French), Gorge of the Tamine
19. Bisson Pere et Fils (French), Ascent of Mt. Blanc (Passage des Echelles)
20. Theodore Rousseau (French), Oaks at Apremont in Forest of Fontainbleau
21. Jean Louis Henri LeSecq (French), Forest Stream
22. Gustave LeGray (French), Beech Tree in Forest of Fontainebleau
23. Camille de Silvy (French), Valley of the Huisne, France
24. Alexandre Jean Pierre Clausel (French), Untitled - probably near Troyes
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