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History of Photography
Professor: Butterfield
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Early Art Photography

1. Durieu, Jean-Louis-Marie-Eugene (French), Figure Study No. 6
2. Anderson, James (American), Michelangelo's Moses from the Tomb of Julus II (early 1850's)
3. Fenton, Roger (British) Still Life of Fruit (1860)
4. Krone, Hermann (German) Still Life of the Washerwoman (1853)
5. Rejlander, Oscar (Sweden, active England) Two Ways of Life (1857)
6. Raphael (Italian) School of Athens (1509 - 10)
7. Rejlander, Oscar (Sweden, active England) Hard Times (1860)
8. Robinson, Henry (British) Fading Away (1858)
9. Robinson, Henry (British) Preliminary Sketch with Photo Inserted (1860)
10. Emerson, and Goodall (British) Rowing Home the Schoof - stuff (1886)
11. Emerson and Goodall (British) Coming Home from the Marshes (1886)
12. Carroll, Lewis (British) Irene MacDonald (1863)
13. Carroll, Lewis (British) Alice Liddel as a Beggar Child (1858)
14. Carroll, Lewis (British) Beatrice Hatch (1873)
15. Carroll, Lewis (British) Portrait of Evelyn Hatch (1878)
16. Cameron, Julia M (British), The Astronomer: Sir John Herschel (1867)
17. Cameron, Julia M (British)Mrs.Herbert Duckworth, Mother of Virginia Woolf (1867)
18. Cameron, Julia M (British) Double Star (1865)
19. Cameron, Julia M (British) Prayer and Praise (1865)
20. Hawarden, Lady Clementina (British) 2 Women on Porch (1862)
21. Hawarden, Lady Clementina (British) Photographic Study (1859 - 64)
22. Hawarden, Lady Clementina (British) Photographic Study (1859 - 64)
23. Hawarden, Lady Clementina (British) Photographic Study (1859 - 64)
24. Hawarden, Clementina (British) Young Girl with Mirror Reflection (1860s)
25. Hawarden, Clementina (British) Photographic Study
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