ARTH 293/693

History of Photography
Professor: Butterfield
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Eakins / Surrealism

1. Brassai (Hungarian), Bijou, Paris
2. Brassai (Hungarian), Rue de Lappe
3. Hans Bellmer (German), Doll (La Poupee)
4. Andre Kertesz (Hungarian), Legs, Paris
5. Man Ray (American), Return to Reason
6. Andre Kertesz (Hungarian), Distortion 40
7. Eli Lotar (French), Abbatoir (Slaughterhouse)
8. Brassai (Hungarian), Sculptures involontaires: photographs from "Minotaure" no.3/4
9. Man Ray (American), Neck
10. Man Ray (American), Untitled
11. Man Ray (American), Profile and Hands
12. Raoul Ubac (Belgian), Battle of the Amazons
13. Man Ray, Yves Tanquy et. al, Cadavre exquis - Exquisite Corpse
14. Man Ray (American), Andre Breton
15. Man Ray (American), Rayograph
16. Laszlo Moholy-Nagy (Hungary), Photogram
17. Thomas Eakins (American), Susan MacDowell Eakins, nude, Reclining on Elbow [N/A, Commercially Purchased]
18. Thomas Eakins (American), Eakins, Nude, Holding Nude Model in His Arms [N/A, Commercially Purchased]
19. Thomas Eakins (American), Models in Greek Costume
20. Thomas Eakins (American), Three Models
21. Thomas Eakins (American), Instantaneous Photo of Students Boxing
22. Thomas Eakins (American), Double Jump
23. Thomas Eakins (American), Swimming Hole: Eakins & Students [N/A, Commercially Purchased]
24. Thomas Eakins (American), Swimming Hole
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