ARTH 293/693

History of Photography
Professor: Butterfield
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Body / Body Politic

1. Robert Mapplethorpe (American), Self Portrait
2. Robert Mapplethorpe (American), Thomas and Dovana 
3. Robert Mapplethorpe (American), X Portfolio, Self Portrait
4. Robert Mapplethorpe (American), X Portfolio: Jim and Tom. Sausalito
5. Andres Serrano (American), Circle of Blood
6. Andres Serrano (American), Piss Christ
7. Andres Serrano (American), Klansman (Grand Klaliff II)
8. August Sander (German), SS Officer
9. Andres Serrano (American), Nomads (Jerome)
10. Andres Serrano (American), Morgue (Death by Drowning II)
11. Robert Mapplethorpe (American), Jessie McBride
12. Sally Mann (American), Popsicle Drips  
13. Sally Mann (American), Jessie at 5 
14. Sally Mann (American), Last Light
15. Cindy Sherman (American), Untitled Film Still #21
16. Cindy Sherman (American), Untitled Film Still #11
17. Cindy Sherman (American), Untitled
18. Cindy Sherman (American), Untitled
19. Deborah Bright, Dream Girls series
20. Cindy Sherman (American), Untitled # 222
21. Deborah Bright, Dream Girls series
22. Carrie Mae Weems (American), Ain't Jokin' Series (N/A, Commercially Purchased)
23. Carrie Mae Weems (American), Mirror, Mirror
24. Carrie Mae Weems (American), Kitchen Table Series: Man reading newspaper
25. Carrie Mae Weems (American), Kitchen Table Series: Woman with daughter 
26. J.T. Zealy (American), "Renty", Congo, on plantation of B.F. Taylor, Columbia, SC
27. Andres Serrano (American), Piss Christ
28. Robert Mapplethorpe (American), Mark Stevens (Mr. 10 1/2)
29. Robert Mapplethorpe (American), The Slave
30. Andres Serrano (American), Morgue (Burnt to Death III)
31. Cindy Sherman (American), Untitled Film Still #13
32. Nan Goldin (American), Misty and Jimmy Paulette in a taxi, NYC  
33. Cindy Sherman (American), Untitled
34. Deborah Bright, Dream Girls series 
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