ARTH 286

20th Century 1900 - 1945
Professor: Kavky
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Lecture 8

1. Futurism: Russolo, Carra, Marinetti, Boccioni & Severini
2. Marinetti, Filippo Tommaso, Futurist Editorial by Marinetti as Published in "Le Figaro", (1909)
3. Balla, Giacomo, Abstract Speed--The Car has Passed, (1913)
4. Marinetti, Filippo Tommaso, Marinetti in a Car, (c1908)
5. Balla, Giacomo, Street Light, (1909)
6. Balla, Giacomo, Girl Running on the Balcony, (1912)
7. Balla, Giacomo, Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash, (1912)
8. Marey, Etienne Jules, Flight of a Duck, (c1890)
9. Balla, Giacomo, Swifts: Paths of Movement and Dynamic Sequences, (1913)
10. Balla, Giacomo, Window in Dusseldorf, (1912)
11. Balla, Giacomo, Light: Iridescent Interpretation, No.4, (1913)
12. Boccioni, Umberto, Riot in the Galleria, (1910)
13. Boccioni, Umberto, City Rises, (1910-11)
14. Boccioni, Umberto, House Under Construction, (1910)
15. Boccioni, Umberto, Central Electric Building, piazza Trento, Milan
16. Boccioni, Umberto, States of Mind: Farewells, 2nd version, (1911)
17. Boccioni, Umberto, States of Mind: Those Who Go, (1911)
18. Boccioni, Umberto, States of Mind: Those Who Stay, (1911)
19. Boccioni, Umberto, Street Enters the House (La strada entra nella casa), (1911)
20. Severini, Gino, Blue Dancer, (1912)
21. Severini, Gino, Shapes of the Ballerina in the Light, (1913)
22. Severini, Gino, Serpentine Dance, (1914)
23. Carra, Carlo, Interventionist Demonstration, (1914)
24. Marinetti, Filippo Tommaso, Vive La France, (1914)
25. Carra, Carlo, Sintesi Futurista della Guerra (Futurist Synthesis of War), (1915)
26. Carra, Carlo, Night of Jan. 20, 1915 I Dreamed this Picture, (1915)
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