ARTH 286

20th Century Art: 1900-1945
Professor: Kavky
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Lecture 21

1. Grosz, Deutchland: Ein Wintermarchen
2. Dix, Match Seller
3. Grosz, A 5 o'clock in the Morning!
4. Dix, Cardplaying Warcripples
5. Heartfield, John Heartfield with Police Commissioner Zorgiebel
6. Heartfield, Adolf-Der Ubermensch Schluckt
7. Heartfield, Millionen Stehen Hinter Mir
8. Heartfield, Hurray, the Butter is All Gone!
9. Entrance to the Exhibition at the Archeological Institute
10. "Entarte Kunst," Exhibition Catalogue (cover)
11. Entartete Exhibition, View of the South Wall in Room 5 with Works
12. Entartete Exhibition, Portion of South Wall of Room 3
13. Dada Wall, Installation at Entartete Kunst Exhibit
14. Adolf Hitler in front of Dada Wall at "Entartete Kunst"
15. Entartete Exhibition, Parade & Pageant of 2 Thousand Years of German Culture w/ Floats of German Art Today
16. Entartete Exhibition, Gallery in the Grosse Deutsche Kunstausstelling
17. Commercial Slide
18. Breker, Bereitschaft
19. Speer, Paris International Exhibition
20. Mukhina, Worker and the Collective Farm Woman
21. Leger, Transport des forces
22. Picasso, Guernica
23. Picasso, Guernica (Paris World Fair)
24. Picasso, Guernica (newspaper photo of event)
25. Surrealism Group photograph pf "Artistes in Exile," New York, 1942
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