ARTH 286

20th Century Art: 1900-1945
Professor: Kavky
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Lecture 18

1. Surrealist Group Photographed at TristanTzara's House
2. Cover: La Revolution Surrealiste (December 1924)
3. Ray, Andre Breton
4. Breton, Automatic Writing
5. Masson, Automatic Drawing
6. Ray, The Image of Isidore Ducasse
7. Cadavre Exquis (1928)
8. Cadavre Exquis (1926-7)
9. Chirico, Melancholy & Mystery of a Street
10. Chirico, The Uncertainty of the Poet
11. Chirico, The Disquieting Muses
12. Chirico, Self-Portrait
13. Ernst, Oedipus Rex
14. Ernst, Oedipus Rex (detail)
15. Chirico, The Child's Brain
16. Ernst, Pieta or Revolution by Night
17. Ernst, The Blessed Virgin Chastises the Infant Jesus Before Three Witnesses
18. Ernst, Portrait of Max Ernst as the Child Jesus
19. Ernst, Histoire Naturelle
20. Ernst, Histoire Naturelle (detail)
21. Ernst, Vision Provoked by the Nocturnal Aspects of the Porte St.
22. Ernst, Hoard
23. Miro, Farm
24. Miro, Ploughed Earth
25. Miro, Landscape
26. Miro, Harlequins' Carnival
27. Miro, The Birth of the World
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