ARTH 286

20th Century: 1900-1945
Professor: Kavky
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Lecture 17

1. Piet Mondrian (Dutch), Trees Along the Gein., 1907-1908
2. Piet Mondrian (Dutch), Red Cloud
3. Piet Mondrian (Dutch), Photo of the artist in a meditation pose
4. Piet Mondrian (Dutch), Evolution
5. Piet Mondrian (Dutch), Red Tree
6. Piet Mondrian (Dutch), Tree
7. Piet Mondrian (Dutch), Composition in Line and Color
8. Piet Mondrian (Dutch), Sea (Pier and Ocean)
9. Piet Mondrian (Dutch), Pier and Ocean
10. Piet Mondrian (Dutch), Composition
11. Piet Mondrian (Dutch), Composition in Blue
12. Piet Mondrian (Dutch), Composition with red, yellow, and blue
13. Theo van Doesburg (Dutch), Esthetic Transformation of an Object (The Cow)
14. Theo van Doesburg (Dutch), Esthetic Transformation of an Object: whole: second transformation
15. Theo van Doesburg (Dutch), Esthetic Transformation of an Object (Final Cow)
16. Gerrit Rietveld (Dutch), Schroeder House
17. Gerrit Rietveld (Dutch), Schroeder House: int: view of upper level with screens removed
18. Theo van Doesburg (Dutch), Countercomposition
19. Piet Mondrian (Dutch), Composition 1A
20. Piet Mondrian (Dutch), Studio of the artist, Paris
21. Piet Mondrian (Dutch), Four Paintings by Mondrian in Artist's Studio
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