ARTH 286

20th Century: 1900-1945
Professor: Kavky
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Lecture 16

1. Walter Gropius (German), Gropius in Weimar
2. Walter Gropius (German), Bauhaus Manifesto and Programme
3. Johannes Itten (Swiss), Itten in his own Bauhaus Costume
4. Bauhaus, Plan of the Training Program in Weimar
5. Johannes Itten (Swiss), Analytical Sketch from Meister Francke: cf: Meister Francke Adoration
6. Johannes Itten (Swiss), Analytical Sketch from Meister Francke
7. Bauhaus School, Johannes Itten's Class: V. Weber: study of materials
8. Bauhaus School, Johannes Itten's Class: Reconstruction of work by M. Mirken
9. Paul Klee (Swiss), Twittering Machine
10. Paul Klee (Swiss), Picture with a Little Pine
11. Paul Klee (Swiss), Architecture., 1923
12. Paul Klee (Swiss), Pedagogical Sketch Book: I: Line Active Free
13. Paul Klee (Swiss), Pedagogical Sketch Book: I: Line-Passive from activated planes
14. Wassily Kandinsky, Composition VIII
15. Wassily Kandinsky, In the Black Square., 1923
16. E. Batz: Ordering of Color and Form
17. Peter Keler (German), Cradle 
18. Laszlo Moholy-Nagy (Hungarian), Nickel Construction
19. Laszlo Moholy-Nagy (Hungarian), Light-Space Modulator (The Light Prop)  
20. Laszlo Moholy-Nagy (Hungarian), Light-Space Modulator
21. Marianne Brandt (German), Small tea-essence pot
22. Marianne Brandt (German), Desk Lamp
23. Alma Buscher (German), Toy Cabinet
24. Marcel Breuer (German), Chair
25. Anni Albers, Tapestry in black, white and different tones of grey
26. Walter Gropius (German), Bauhaus: ext: view from SW, close view studios/workshops
27. Walter Gropius (German), Bauhaus: ext: bird's eye view
28. Berlin Police taking Bauhaus Students to Headquarters (photo: April, 1933)
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