ARTH 286

20th Century: 1900-1945
Professor: Kavky
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Lecture 15

1. Kasimir Malevich, White on White: Suprematist Painting
2. Aleksandr M. Rodchenko (Russian), Non-Objective Painting: Black on Black
3. Aleksandr M. Rodchenko (Russian), Linear Construction
4. Liubov Popova (Russian), Constructivist Composition 
5. Aleksandr M. Rodchenko (Russian), Pure Red Color, Pure Yellow Color, Pure Blue Color
6. Aleksandr M. Rodchenko (Russian), Photo of Rodchenko in Working Overalls
7. Aleksandr M. Rodchenko (Russian), Spatial Construction No. 10: before opening
8. Aleksandr M. Rodchenko (Russian), Spatial Construction No. 10: suspended
9. Constructivism:1st Obmokhu Exhibition Held in Moscow, May 1920 at Vkhutemas
10. Liubov Popova (Russian), Textile Designs 
11. El Lissitsky (Russian), Tatlin working on Monument to Third International  
12. El Lissitsky (Russian), Constructor
13. El Lissitsky (Russian), Proun 12E
14. El Lissitsky (Russian), Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge
15. Kasimir Malevich, Scarlet Square
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