ARTH 286

20th Century: 1900-1945
Professor: Kavky
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Lecture 12

1. Dada, Arp, Richter and Tzara at Zurich
2. Dada, Hugo Ball reciting a poem at the Cabaret Voltaire
3. Dada, Dada3
4. Arp, Jean. By the Laws of Chance
5. Dada, Opening of First International Dada Fair
6. Dada, Opening of the First International Dada Fair (Raoul, Hausmann and Hannah Hoch)
7. Hoch, Hannah. Cut with a Kitchen Knife
8. Hoch, Hannah. Pretty Girl
9. Schwitters, Kurt. With Red 4
10. Schwitters, Kurt. Drawing 16, Fashion I
11. Schwitters, Kurt. Kots Picture
12. Schwitters, Kurt. Forms in Space
13. Ernst, Max. The Punching Ball or The Immortality of Buonarroti
14. Ernst, Max. Untitled (Illustration study color frontispiece for "Repetitions" by Paul Eluard)
15. Ernst, Max. Two Ambiguous Figures or 1 copper plate 1 zinc plate 1 rubber cloth 2 calipers 1 drainpipetelescope 1 pipingman
16. Ernst, Max. 1 Copper Plate 1 Zinc Plate 1 Rubber Cloth 2 Calipers 1 Drainpipe Telescope 1 Pipe Man
17. Ernst, Max. Max Ernst's Bedroom is Worth Spending a Night In
18. Ernst, Max. Max Ernst's Bedroom
19. Ernst, Max. The Little Tear Gland That Says Tic Tac
20. Ernst, Max. Hat Makes the Man
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