ARTH 286

20th Century 1900 - 1945
Professor: Kavky
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Lecture 11

1. Leger, Fernand (French) Leger and a soldier in the Argonne (1915)
2. Leger, Fernand (French) Breech block of .75 artillery cannon (1915)
3. Leger, Fernand (French) Soldiers Playing Cards (1917)
4. Leger, Fernand (French) The City (1917)
5. Leger, Fernand (French) The Mechanic (1920)
6. Leger, Fernand (French) Grand Dejeuner (1921)
7. Picasso, Pablo (Spanish) Three Musicians (1921)
8. Jeanneret-Gris (French) L' Esprit Nouveau (No. 28 )(1925)
9. Jeanneret-Gris (French) Architecture Book L' Esprit Nouveau (No. 1) (1920)
10. Jeanneret-Gris (French) Towards a new Architecture (1923)
11. Ozenfant, Amedee (French) Still Life with Glass of Red Wine (1922)
12. Jeanneret-Gris (French) Still Life with Pile of Plates (1923)
13. Jeanneret-Gris, Charles Edouard (French) Paris Exp. Arts Decoratifs (1923)
14. Jeanneret-Gris, Charles Edouard (French) Paris Exp. Arts Decoratifs (1923)
15. Leger, Fernand (French) The Baluster (1925)
16. Ozenfant, Amedee (French) Flask, Guitar, Glasses and bottle on Green Table (1920)
17. Picasso, Pablo (Spanish) Vive La France (1914)
18. Picasso, Pablo (Spanish) Harlequin (1915)
19. Picasso, Pablo (Spanish) Seated Harlequin (1923)
20. Picasso, Pablo (Spanish) Three Women at the Spring (1921)
21. Picasso, Pablo (Spanish) Three Dancers (1925)
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