ARTH 286

20th century art 1900-1945
Professor: Kavky
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Lecture 10

1. Gleizes, Albert, Man on Balcony, (1912)
2. Metzinger, Jean, Tea Time, (1911)
3. Duchamp, Marcel, Chess Players, (1911)
4. Duchamp, Marcel, Coffee Grinder, (1911)
5. Duchamp, Marcel, Nude Descending a Staircase, No.2., (1912)
6. Marey, Etienne Jules, Man Descending from Bicycle, (c1890-95)
7. Duchamp, Marcel, The Bridge, (1912)
8. Duchamp, Marcel, Passage from Virgin to Bride, (1912)
9. Gris, Juan, Playing Cards and Glass of Beer, (1913)
10. Gris, Juan, Washbowl (Le Lavabo), (1912)
11. Delaunay, Robert, City of Paris, (1910-12)
12. Delaunay, Robert, Cardiff Team, Third Version, (1912-13)
13. Delaunay, Robert, Windows on the City (Simultaneous Windows), (1912)
14. Delaunay, Robert, Windows on the City (1st part 1st simultaneous constrast), (1912)
15. Leger, Fernand, Nudes in Forest, (1910)
16. Leger, Fernand, Smokers, (1911)
17. Leger, Fernand, Stairway, (1913)
18. Leger, Fernand, Contrast of Forms, (1913)
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