ARTH 285/685

Professor: Sidlauskas
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Lecture #5 Gender I

1. Renoir, A. (French) Mme. Renoir
2. Renoir, A. (French) La Loge (1874)
3. Renoir, A. (French) La Loge (1874) Detail: Head of a Woman
4. Gonzales. Eva (French) Loge at the Theatre des Italiens 
5. Renoir, A. (French) Her First Outing
6. Morisot, Berthe (French) Two Seated Women
7. Morisot, Berthe (French) In a Villa On the Seaside (1874)
8. Morisot, Berthe (French) At the Ball (1875)
9. Morisot, Berthe (French) Eugene Manet on the Isle of Wight (1875)
10. Morisot, Berthe (French) Interior (1872)
11. Morisot, Berthe (French) Woman Powdering Her Face (1877)
12. Renoir, Pierre (French) Aline and Pierre Renoir (1886)
13. Morisot, Berthe (French) Nurse and Baby (1879)
14. Morisot, Berthe (French) Eugene Manet and Daughter at Bougival (1881)
15. Morisot, Berthe (French) Eugene Manet and His Daughter in the Garden (1883)
16. Morisot, Berthe (French) Julie with a Doll (1884)
17. Morisot, Berthe (French) Self-Portrait with Julie (1885)
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