ARTH 285/685

Professor: Sidlauskas
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Lecture 4 Monet and Pissarro, Early Landscape II

1. Monet, Claude (French) The Railroad Bridge, Agrenteuil (1873)
2. Monet, Claude (French) The Railroad Bridge, Argenteuil (1873)
3. Monet, Claude (French) Railroad Bridge at Argenteuil (1873)
4. Monet, Claude (French) Gare St. Lazare (1877)
5. Monet, Claude (French) Gare St. Lazare Europe Bridge (1877)
6. Monet, Claude (French) Impression (Sunrise)
7. Pissarro, Camille (French) Self-Portrait (1873)
8. Pissarro, Camille (French) Banks of the Marne in Winter (1866)
9. Pissaro, Camille (French) Ploughed Fields near Osny (1873) [Commercially Purchased Dup. Forbidden]
10. Pissaro, Camille (French) Hoar Frost, Old Road to Ennery, Pontoise (1873)
11. Pissarro, Camille (French) Factory near Pontoise (1873)
12. Pissaro, Camille (French) The Factory on the Oise, Pontoise (1873)
13. Pissaro, Camille (French) The Oise near Pontoise (1873)
14. Monet, Claude (French) Gare St. Lazare (1877)
15. Pissarro, Camille (French) Portrait of Cezanne (1874)
16. Monet, Claude (French) Impression - Sunrise (1873)
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