ARTH 252/652

Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael
Professor: Stephen Campbell
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Midterm (10.19.01)

1. Leonardo da Vinci (Italian), Mona Lisa
2. Leonardo da Vinci (Italian), Study for the Kneeling Leda
3. Leonardo da Vinci (Italian), Leda and the Swan
4. Leonardo da Vinci (Italian), Saint Anne with the Virgin and Infant Jesus
5. Leonardo da Vinci (Italian), Virgin and Child with St. Anne and St. John
6. Raphael (Italian), Belle Jardinere
7. Raphael (Italian), Madonna of the Meadow
8. Raphael (Italian), Madonna of the Goldfinch
9. Raphael (Italian), Agnolo Doni
10. Raphael (Italian), Portrait of Maddalena Strozzi Doni
11. Michelangelo (Italian), St. Matthew
12. Michelangelo (Italian), Bruges Madonna
13. Michelangelo (Italian), Madonna of the Bruges
14. Michelangelo (Italian), Taddei Madonna Tondo
15. Michelangelo (Italian), Doni Holy Family
16. Raphael (Italian), Back View of Michelangelo's David
17. Raphael (Italian), St. George and The Dragon
18. Donatello (Italian), St. George Tabernacle for Orsanmichele [N/A : Commercially Purchased]
19. Raphael (Italian), Holy Family with Lamb [N/A : Commercially Purchased]
20. Raphael (Italian), St. Michael
21. Raphael (Italian), St. George and the Dragon [N/A : Commercially Purchased]
22. Raphael (Italian), Dream of a Knight
23. Raphael (Italian), Three Graces
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