ARTH 252

Leonardo, Michaelangelo, and Raphael
Professor: Campbell
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Final Exam III

1. Rosso Fiorentino, Moses with the daughters of Jethro
2. Parmigianino, Madonna With The Long Neck
3. Rosso Fiorentino, Dead Christ with Angels Commercial Slide
4. Parmigianino, Self Portrait in a Convex Mirror Commercial Slide
5. Parmigianino, Altarpiece:Madonna and Child with SS. John the Baptist and Jerome
6. Michaelangelo, Tomb of Giuliano de' Medici
7. Michaelangelo, Tomb of Giuliano de' Medici (detail: S. Lorenzo)
8. Michaelangelo, Medici Madonna Group
9. Michaelangelo, Laurentian Library (int: view of vestibule with stairway designed 1558-9)
10. Michaelangelo, Laurentian Library (int: vestibule wall)
11. Michaelangelo, Laurentian Library (int.: reading room)
12. Michaelangelo, Brutus Commercial Slide
13. Michaelangelo, Campidoglio
14. Michaelangelo, Campidoglio (Palazzo dei Conservatori)
15. Michaelangelo, Campidoglio (Capitoline Museum w/statue of Marcus Aurelius) Commercial Slide
16. Michaelangelo, Campidoglio (Engraving by Du Perac, 1569)
17. Michaelangelo, Pauline Chapel (Conversion of St. Paul)
18. Michaelangelo, Martyrdom of St. Peter
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