ARTH 252/652

Leonardo, Michaelangelo, and Raphael
Professor: Campbell
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Final Exam I

1. Michaelangelo, Sistine Chapel Ceiling (Creation of Land and Water, restored view)
2. Sistine Chapel Ceiling (Separation of Light and Darkness, restored view)
3. Sistine Chapel Ceiling (Creation of Adam, restored)
4. Sistine Chapel Ceiling (Drunkeness of Noah, restored)
5. Sistine Chapel Ceiling (Sacrifice of Noah, restored view)
6. Sistine Chapel Ceiling (Temptation and Expulsion)
7. Sistine Chapel Ceiling (Deluge)
8. Sistine Chapel Ceiling (Prophet Joel, restored)
9. Sistine Chapel Ceiling (pair of nudes w/medallion of David before Nathan, restored)
10. Sistine Chapel Ceiling (Nude Youth, restored)
11. Sistine Chapel Ceiling (Prophet Daniel, restored view)
12. Sistine Chapel Ceiling (Ezekiel)
13. Sistine Chapel Ceiling (Delphic Sibyl, restored)
14. Sistine Chapel Ceiling (Libyan Sibyl, restored)
15. Sistine Chapel Ceiling (Judith and Holofernes, restored view)
16. Sistine Chapel Ceiling (Aminadab)
17. Michaelangelo, Dying Slave
18. Michaelangelo, Moses from Tomb of Pope Julius II
19. Michaelangelo, Dying Slave and Rebellious Slave
20. Michaelangelo, Bearded Slave (front)
21. Michaelangelo, Atlas Slave (left)
22. Michaelangelo, Victory
23. Raphael, Palazzo Caprini
24. Raphael, Holy Family (Madonna di Loreto)
25. Raphael, Baldassare Castiglione
26. Raphael, Pope Julius II
27. Raphael, Fornarina
28. Raphael, St. Catherine of Alexandria
29. Raphael, Madonna di Foligno
30. Raphael, Stanza della Segnatura (view of Disputa and Parnassus)
31. Raphael, Stanza della Segnatura (ceiling, detail: poetry)
32. Raphael, Parnassus
33. Raphael, Disputa
34. Raphael, School of Athens
35. Raphael, School of Athens (det: upper tier of figures)
36. Raphael, Mass of Bolsena (det. of Julius II)
37. Raphael, Expulsion of Heliodorus from the Temple
38. Raphael, Deliverance of St. Peter from Prison
39. Raphael, Repulse of Attila from Rome by Leo I
40. Raphael, Stanza d'Eliodoro (view of Repulse of Attila and Liberation of St. Peter)
41. Raphael, Stanza d'Eliodoro (ceiling)
42. Raphael, Stanza dell'Incendio
43. Raphael, Sala di Constantino (general view of frescoes)
44. Raphael, Sala di Constantino (det: east wall: Vision of the Cross)
45. Raphael, Transfiguration
46. Piombo, Sebastiano, Raising of Lazarus
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