ARTH 220

Greek Art and Architecture
Professor: Haselberger
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Lecture 8

1. Apollo Daphnephoros Sanctuary: plan showing earlier and later temples
2. Apollo Daphnephoros Sanctuary: ext: general view towards northwest
3. Apollo Daphnephoros Sanctuary: plan of 8c temple
4. Apollo Daphnephoros Sanctuary: reconstruction of 8c temple
5. Heraion: plan with peristyle
6. Greek Colonization During the 9th century BC: map
7. Attic amphora
8. Middle Corinthian: Middle Style Vase, Corinthian
9. Dipylon Amphora
10. Middle Corinthian: Oinoche with animal frieze
11. Wine Jug from Rhodes
12. Early Corinthian: Alabastron from Tanagra
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