ARTH 220

Lecture 6
Professor: Haselberger
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Lecture 6

1. (Greek) Acropolis Detail: Model:peak of architectural development: western view
2. (Greek) Mnesicles Erechtheumn (421- 405 BC)
3. (Greek) Erechtheum [Commercially Purchased Duplication Forbidden]
4. (Greek) Erechtheum (421 - 405 BC) [Commercially Purchased Duplication Forbidden]
5. Leonardo da Vinci (Italian) Human Proportions After Vitruvius (1492)
6. Ictinus, (Greek) Parthenon Detail: West front
7. Polycleitos (Greek) Doryphoros (450BC - 400BC) Detail: diagram
8. Polycleitos (Greek) Doryphoros (450BC - 400BC) Detail: diagram
9. Maps Greece; Migration and Colonization (1150 BC - 600 BC)
10. Maps Greece; Classical Greek World (479 BC - 334BC)
11. late Bronze (Minoan) Lentoid Flask w/ Octopi from Palaikastro
12. late Cycladic (Minoan) Oinochoe with Flowers from Philacopi (1400 - 1100 BC)
13. late Bronze (Minoan) Beaked Jug Phaistos New Palace [Commercially Purchased Duplication Forbidden]
14. late Bronze Cycladic (Minoan) Flower Pot with Lilies from Thera
15. (Greek) Attic Belly Amphora from Kerameikos Cemetery
16. (Greek) Belly Handled Amphora
17. (Greek-Attic) Three Vases:Proto geometric , early geometric and middle geometric amphora
18. (Greek-Attic) Ash Urn from Womens Burial, Athens Agora
19. (Greek-Attic) Attic Amphora
20. (Greek) Aeropagus. Warrior's Grave
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