ARTH 220

Greek Art and Architecture
Professor: Haselberger
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Lecture 5

1. Laugier, Marc Antoine, Essai sur l'Architecture, (1755)
2. Elements of a Greek Temple.
3. Doric Temple: Terracotta Model, Heraeum Argos
4. Temple Facade with Two Columns in Antis, detail from Egotimos and Kleitias, Francois Vase.
5. Polycleitos, Doryphorus, (5c BC)
6. Polycleitos, Doryphoros Head
7. Polycleitos, Doryphorus, copy of head signed by Apollonius
8. Polycleitos, Basalt Torso of a Doryphoros.
9. Polycleitos, Torso of a Doryphorus
10. Polycleitos, Doryphoros, 5th century
11. Polycleitos, Doryphorus, reconstruction
12. Polycleitos, Doryphoros, 5th century, diagram proportional divisions in 4ths, 5ths and 6ths.
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