ARTH 220/620

Greek Art and Architecture
Professor: Haselberger
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Lecture 20

1. Greece. Geopolitical Map of Classical Greece
2. Greece. Map of Greek Empire in the Age of Pericles
3. Athens, Acropolis Toward with/Odeon of Herodus Atticus Below
4. Acropolis Parthenon detail: ext: total from Philapappus hill
5. Acropolis Parthenon engraving by Fanelli showing destruction of 1687
6. Acropolis Model:peak of architectural development:western view
7. Acropolis plan
8. Acropolis Model:Old Temple of Athens and Old Parthenon foundations
9. Acropolis Model:peak of architectural development:western view
10. Propylaea detail: ext: closeup view of columns
11. Propylaea detail: reconstruction of entrance court of Acropolis
12. Acropolis Parthenon ext: general view, angle view of west end
13. Parthenon detail: reconstruction from its propylon
14. Acropolis Model: western front
15. Parthenon detail: ext:facade detail
16. Iktinos and Kallikrates [Commercially Purchased Dup. Forbidden]
17. Acropolis Propylaea detail: ext: detail of columns
18. Ictinus Parthenon plan
19. Acropolis Propylaea detail: aerial view
20. Propylaea detail: plan w/Temple of Athena Nike and Agrippa Monument
21. Mnesicles Propylaea [Commercially Purchased Dup. Forbidden]
22 Acropolis Parthenon detail: west end frontal view
23 Acropolis Propylaea from southeast, pinacoteca adjoining
24 Acropolis Propylaea ext: central passage, ionic column
25 Acropolis Propylaea ext: view with columns
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