ARTH 220/620

Greek Art and Architecture
Professor: Haselberger
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Lecture 16

1. Samos, airview of site, c1974
2. Heraion, airview of site
3. Polycrates Hera Temple IV, ext: view of remains with standing column
4. Heraion, plan after H. Walter
5. Heraion II, plan, remodeled & early sanctuary restored
6. Heraion II, perspective reconstruction, south hall
7. Polycrates Hera Temple IV, plan: Polycrates temple in black w/ Rhoikos& Hekatompedon
8. Heraion III, plan: c540-570 BC
9. Heraion III and Altar of Hera, reconstruction
10. Polycrates Hera Temple IV, plan of sacred area between Temple and altar
11. Polycrates Hera Temple IV, plan 1955
12. Polycrates Hera Temple IV, ext: foundations with column bases from Hera 3 Temple (view from above)
13. Polycrates Hera Temple IV, ext: foundations with column bases from Hera 3 Temple (view from side)
14. Polycrates Hera Temple IV, ionic capital reconstruction
15. Polycrates Hera Temple IV, SCLPT: ionic capital
16. Temple of Artemis, ext: reassembled column from south , Mosque of Isa Bey and Inner Castle Beyond [N/A Commercially Purchased]
17. Temple of Artemis, present (1972) site of remains
18. Temple of Artemis, photo from the 1900 excavation
19. Temple of Artemis, reconstruction, plan withoutthe 4 column entry baldachino over the cult image. by W. Alzinger
20. Temple of Artemis, plans of various stages of the temple
21. Temple of Artemis, plan of the geometric temple
22. Temple of Artemis, archaic, west end from south, restoration, Krische...
23. Temple of Artemis, Ionic Capital
24. Temple of Artemis, sculptured column base
25. Temple of Artemis, archic head from sculptured column [N/A Commercially Purchased]
26. Temple of Artemis, elevation by Dr. Murray
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